Wize Solutions


Responsive IT and BPO solutions

Areas of Service



Our cybersecurity services enable the expansion of your current teams with our certified staff of cybersecurity professionals. These services will assist in the detection and remediation of malware and other cybersecurity incidents, and facilitate the prevention of future attacks. 


Our phone operations services are designed to support your current call desk operations. We can assist you in expanding the number of call desk staff you have, expand the hours the call desk is operational, or assist you in expanding the offerings enabled through the call desk.


Our desktop support services are designed to support your help desk operations. Our cross-trained desktop support team enables your help desk team with remote troubleshooting of IT issues designed to get your end-users back up and running quickly.  

Business Process Outsourcing

Our BPO team handles on a wide range of business operations to allow you to focus on your company's core mission. These services include: Inbound, Outbound, Chat, E-mail, Social Media, and Fulfillment. 



Our product support services cover both software development and post development services, like software maintenance and support, for both new and legacy applications. Our services give you the flexibility to assign your team for more urgent work.


We are ready to listen to your company's needs and design a responsive training and workforce solution at the right cost.